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Innovation: How can we stand out from the rest?

I stumbled upon a really interesting study on how cultural factors affect innovation practices within a country. You can view a summary of the study here.

The study has shown this comparison bar chart below wherein we can see that among different cultural factors. The Philippines and the US have the widest gap among Power Distance, Individualism, and Indulgence. Now, what do these mean? And how does it affect how Filipinos do business?

Innovation and Filipinos

Filipinos tend to give importance to titles and status. This is why most parents would say to their kids that being a ‘doctor’, ‘lawyer,’ and an ‘engineer’ is a better career than others. This is “Power Distance”. We can see here that the Philippines scored 94 vs 40 only in the US.

Think about this… what if Filipino households take out this notion of ‘hierarchy’ and choose to enhance their kids’ core capability instead of pressuring them to study degrees that they’re not passionate about. Would that have provided the children more opportunities for business and success when they grow up?

Filipinos also tend to form groups. This is also why Filipinos are family-oriented which sometimes hinders the personal growth of the individual, especially in business where every day is a risk. We can see this on the same graph where the Philippines scored only 32 points for “Individualism”.

Now, what if Filipinos tend to focus on their personal growth rather than being dependent on family members? Would it change how we work and do business?

Personal growth is key to innovation

Lastly, “indulgence”. We can see that the Philippines scored low on this as well. Why? This is because Filipinos are known to be resilient. Even if their work environment is toxic, they would still continue to work in the same place. Simply because they don’t see the need to “indulge” themselves to work on something that will make them feel more happy and secure.

Now, if Filipinos had a higher regard for their personal happiness, would they have gone to the next step to create their own destiny by building a business?

These are some of my thoughts when I was reading the study and I’d like to know yours too.

I am not saying that these cultural factors are not good but would it hurt to shift away from similar mindsets that limit our capacity to do more?

If you wish to bring the creativity within you and you think you are hindered by any of these cultural factors, feel free to schedule a discovery call with me. Let’s see how we can work together as you build your future business!


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