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During my free time, I took a Strategic Management (STRAMA) course from Copenhagen Business School. One of the requirements to get a certificate was to submit my recommended strategy for e-Types.

Who is e-Types?

e-Types is an up-and-coming design firm and they were known for providing clients a “different” and “unique” look on their branding.

It started when they participated in a prestigious design competition. The goal of the competition was to come up with a new logo for the Denmark Olympics Team. The event also invited several design firms.

This is where e-Type’s strategy problem rose. It was a huge project as the winning design would be all over the world. This would open up a lot of Public Relations (PR) opportunities for the winner.

However, e-Types came up with two designs. The first design was a generic logo — far off from their usual “different” and “unique” look. Based on the initial reaction of the Denmark team, they liked this particular logo.

The second design was a logo that elevated e-Types as a brand — it was “edgy” and “different”. Back then, this look was not the “trend” so they were weighing the pros and cons of presenting either design since it may make or break their chances of winning the competition.

Recommended Strategy

With this, I presented a logical strategy for e-Types to undertake including short-term, medium-term, and long-term tactics.

All these are free for you to download by clicking on the button below!

My take would be for e-Types to stick to their brand to create their blue ocean strategy.

For most of our clients, we typically provide strategic insights and data-driven execution. We do this because we care about our client’s growth and yours too.

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– Bianca, Founder of Pareto Consulting

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