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Are you looking for ways to engage with your audience online without spamming them? If so, read on!

We all know what spamming is. We’ve either been the recipient of an unsolicited email message or seen spammy advertisements on social media. Unfortunately, many marketers see spamming as an easy and effective way to boost their online presence. However, this “quick fix” can actually do more harm than good in the long run.

Business owners take advantage of online marketing since it is a great way to promote products. However, they should proceed cautiously in doing so because the boundary between online marketing and spamming is narrow. Online marketing initiatives are a perfect way to be noticed without risking being labeled as spam.

Now let’s learn what to do and not do to manage successful online marketing campaigns while avoiding being labeled as spam in four effective ways.

4 Ways to Manage Successful Online Marketing Campaign

1. E-newsletters and Email Advertising

If done correctly, e-newsletters and email advertising are effective online marketing campaigns. If not, this may be classified as spam, and you should avoid it. Unsolicited emails are annoying to the target market when you’re offering something they don’t want.

Some tips to do for effective email marketing:

  • Send e-newsletters and advertisements to past customers who have specifically asked to receive such emails.
  • Make your campaigns brief and straight to the point.
  • Provide an option to unsubscribe from your emails.
  • Create a group list of your target audience.

However, you should take not that some recipients may even report you to their Internet service provider who may investigate the claim that you are a spammer. 

2. Select a dependable ESP – Email Service Providers

The good reputation of their clients helps email service providers build a positive reputation.

When ESP clients give out valuable and relevant content and have high IP address scores, their ESP becomes trustworthy. Avoiding shady ESPs is essential, as their IP addresses are frequently blocked by respectable ESPs such as Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or Hotmail.

3. Check if you are a blacklisted sender

Your targeted emails are more likely to end up in the spam bin if your IP address has a negative reputation in the virtual world. Your email deliverability rates are directly influenced by the reputation of your IP address.

Certain tools, such as Multirbl.Valli or MxToolbox, can be used to see if you’re a blacklisted sender. All you have to do is type in your IP address or domain name in the box and hit the ‘check’ button.

4. Avoiding being marked as spam

You don’t want your online marketing efforts to be regarded as spam if they don’t work. You must guarantee that your recipients are enthusiastic about your marketing. Make sure that your advertisements target those who are really interested in your product and are likely to become customers.

These are ways you can avoid getting your messages to go straight to the spam folder.

  • Make a plan for when you’ll send your mails. Make sure there’s enough money for each of them.
  • Write messages that are both fascinating and informative so that your recipients look forward to receiving them and actually read them.
  • Include your physical address in your messages so that they can verify your identity.
  • Allow users to opt out of receiving your emails.
  • Ask for feedback opinions and suggestions from your target audience to better understand them.

In a nutshell, don’t spam! Make it real while also creating a relationship between your brand and your target market.

Spam? Nope. Online Marketing? Yes!

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