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Online Marketing: How to Avoid the Spam Folder?

Online marketing is a great way of promoting products that’s why business owners take advantage of this. However, they should be cautious in using this because there’s a thin line between online marketing and spamming. Online marketing campaigns are great for gaining exposure without the risk of being tagged as spam.

The word spam has many different meanings resulting in different interpretations. Spam is unsolicited emails that are part of an advertising campaign. But most people would agree that spam is equivalent to junk mail you receive at your residence.

Struggling in avoiding the spam folder? Here are ways to fix it!

Are you wondering why some of your posts are tagged as spam? Find out how to post accordingly on different platforms.

Message board postings are used for advertising purposes but spam can even apply to this. Learn how to run effective online marketing campaigns and how to avoid being tagged as spam.

Message boards

Message boards are a virtual platform to simply interact with people with similar niches as your business or with groups you want to learn from.

Here’s how a message board can help your business:

  • Exchange ideas
  • Ask or answer questions
  • Register and post messages
  • Provide a business owner with access to a specialized target audience 
  • Post links to your website
  • Socialize with other members
  • Learn a great deal about the concerns of your target audience

Like any other forums, message boards have a set of guidelines that should be followed. This is to regulate the content and to avoid complications.


Guidelines differ for each site but they all must be strictly followed. Otherwise, your posts can get deleted or, worse, you can get blocked from posting.

  • Respect posts or comments from other group members
  • Ask questions politely
  • Always remember “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Post brief questions or comments only
  • Check previous responses to avoid repetitions

Posting appropriate questions and comments should be in accordance with the message board guidelines. This is considered to be smart Internet marketing. 


There are several things to always keep in mind when posting on message boards.You should think twice before hitting the post button as this can be damaging because these members may opt to avoid your website even if they have a need for your services.

  • Respond to each and every post with a link to your website even when it is not relevant.
  • Offer comments of value to other members because they are likely to view your posts as spam. 
  • Badmouthing or disrespecting other group members.
  • Type in ALL CAPS.
  • Irrelevant comments, thoughts, and photos.

E-newsletters and email advertising

E-newsletters and email advertising are effective online marketing campaigns if done properly. If not, this can be considered as spam which you should avoid. Unsolicited emails are annoying because you’re literally giving users something they don’t want.


  • Send e-newsletters and advertisements to past customers who have specifically asked to receive such emails.
  • Make your campaigns brief and straight to the point.
  • Provide an option to unsubscribe from your emails.
  • Create a group list of your target audience.


  • Buy email lists and send their advertisements to everyone on the list.
  • Send emails frequently.
  • Give irrelevant information or content.

Some recipients may even report you to their Internet service provider who may investigate the claim that you are a spammer. 

Avoiding being marked as spam

You don’t want your online marketing efforts to go to waste. That’s why you should ensure that your recipients are interested in your campaigns. Make sure that these campaigns reach people who are genuinely interested and likely to be a customer.

These are ways you can avoid getting your messages to go straight to the spam folder.

  • Create a schedule when you’re sending your messages. Ensure that there’s an allowance for each one of them.
  • Write interesting and informative messages so your recipients will look forward to it and actually read it.
  • Include your physical address in your messages so they’ll know you’re legitimate.
  • Provide an option to stop receiving your emails.
  • Ask for feedback and suggestions so you’ll be more familiarized with your target audience.

Effective online marketing campaigns don’t go to the spam folder. In short, don’t spam! Make it real while also connecting your brand to your target market.

Pareto Consulting can surely help you through its data-driven approach to marketing. We help business owners understand their market through research and reach them via digital marketing. 

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